Thursday, December 3, 2009

11th Hour Plea for Help.

Hello everyone,

I have not wanted to ask for help. I have hoped and prayed that we would be able to bring our daughter home without making a plea for help from others, as I know these are difficult times financially all around. However, I find myself left with no other choice but to ask for help if anyone is able to help us bring our daughter Willow home. We leave tomorrow and are short about $1,000 to bring Willow home. We anticipated our final fees to be somewhere around $8,000 only to have them be $9,200 plus our plane tickets were about $1,200 over what we set aside. We have maxed our credit line and card to the limit and there is zero in the savings account. Our house payment is about to hit and there isn't enough to cover it. So I'm asking if there is anyway you can help us bring Willow home.

If you are able to donate any amount it will be an answer to prayer. We are praying that Jesus will move in enough hearts that we will have the money needed to bring our daughter home. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.... thank you for helping our family, but most of all thank you for helping our daughter who will soon no longer be an orphan but with your help will find herself in her family's arms in just a couple of days.
Thank you and God bless you.

Love, April for Patrick, Eliana and Willow


  1. Praying that God will abundantly meet all your needs! And trusting that He IS faithful to do so!

    Wish I could just write you a check for the whole amount!

  2. Hi I just donated $20. Lynn over at Somewhere in the Sun won a little contest on my blog and asked that I donate to your journey and I was SO happy to!!! Good luck and safe travels!!


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